Mega Flow System

Mega Flow System

We all want good water pressure whether we are aware of it or not. There’s nothing more disheartening than climbing in to a trickling shower that barely gets you wet or waiting ages for a bath or basin to fill. And of course what about when your shower pressure dies half way through because someone has started the washing up downstairs.

Thames Water is legally obliged to provide an incoming flow rate of 12litres/ minute. Almost all London properties achieve this and many far exceed it. But there are those that don’t and many that have household requirements where this 12 litres/min is not sufficient.

If water pressure is an issue for you then our first line of investigation will be to test the incoming mains. We will establish flow rates and pressure tests and then check for an old stopcocks or problems on the line to make sure there are no restrictions to flow. WPJ can fit mains boost pumps that allow you to legally reach the 12lts/ min should you fall short.

From there we can then recommend a variety of solutions to increase your flow and pressure to kitchens and bathrooms. We fit booster pumps to individual showers or to a whole bathroom. We can fit pumps that also serve every outlet in the house.

For the latest pump and pressurised cold water storage we often install accumulator tanks and charger pumps. These allow larger properties to store a reserve of cold water at high pressure in large cylinders that then gets piped out to which ever outlet requires it.

This allows multiple bathrooms and showers to be used at once without any noticeable drop in pressure. These can be paired up with unvented hot water cylinders and the latest high-efficiency gas boiler.